Know Thy Neighbor

I am sure most of you, like me, are living in housing societies where we hardly ever get to see who is our neighbor, let alone knowing them. And I am also sure, most of you have heard from your parents how important neighbors are and how we should make every efforts to know and befriend them. Also help them when need be. Unfortunately in our fast moving lives, it is hardly ever possible. We usually end up just involved and engrossed in our own lives and never pay attention to who is living next to us. But our parents are right – when we live so far away from home, neighbors are our closest form of family and friends. These neighbors are also our first line of defense in case any form of calamity strikes us. So knowing them is an effort we must make. And it is always good to have more friends.

In order to make an effort to get to know our neighbors in the new housing society we have moved into – a flea market was arranged. While most of the stalls were put up by local eatery joints, there were some put up by our talented neighbors who made jewelry, baked delicious cup cakes and painted great art pieces. Want to share the pictures we clicked on this occasion. Pic_6





I am wearing:
Dress from Vero Moda
Jacket & Brogues from Zara
Sling Bag from Forever 21

Photo Credits: Abhishek Garg

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