Are You A Flower Child?

While by the wiki definition, a flower child is a hippie – people can derive their own definitions for this term. For me a flower child is someone who is happy-go-lucky by nature. Who enjoys life as it is without too much of worries. Someone who knows that happiness is a choice and the choice is in your hand. Someone who does not let the worldly affairs and its tensions affect them. Atleast not too much. And I think we should all aspire to be flower children. We should take time out of busy schedule to appreciate the beauty around us. And the inspiration behind this shoot was nature. Because of the continuous rains in Bangalore, nature was at its full bloom around and it was a perfect time to do a happy-go-lucky photo shoot!

I am personally a solid colour person. Once in a while, I have tried my hands at prints but when in doubt solid is the way to go for me. Even when I am trying to play around with prints, I try to include one solid colour element in the outfit. Maybe I like to play it safe but then personal style seldom follows trends. And I think it is very important to recognize your personal style. I found this dress on Bhane and what I really liked when I saw this was the strong burgundy colour. The contemporary feel of this dress when combined with the deep burgundy shade is a perfect attire for someone like me. This is also a very light-weight and flowy dress that can be worn in the scorching heat in the rest of the country.






Photo Credits: Abhishek Garg

I am wearing:
Dress – Bhane
Neckpiece & Belt – Thrift Finds
Shoes – Koovs
Sling Bag – Forever 21

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