Dial-A-BBQ Party | Atmosfire

AB and I were recently invited to experience the services of Atmosfire and tasting the food. Now, while I am really thick at expressing how good the food is – I can tell you that it was so delicious that I did not feel like having anything post the event only so that I do not spoil the memory of the delicious food.

Atmosfire DAIL-A-BBQ PARTY  is a novel concept by Barbeque Nation. They help reduce the host’s confusion and burden by organising any kind of party or get together: Birthday Party, New Year’s Bash, or Corporate Get-Together. They will organise the party by bringing the entire set-up to a venue of your choice or you can use their celebration pit that can accommodate 25-100 people. The party and the menu can be customised as per your need. There are mouth watering treats for vegetarians with Veg with an edge and for the meat lovers, there is Meat treat. Atmosfire is you one stop destination for all your party needs – so if you have 10 or more guests you can avail their services.Atmosfire BBQ Party _1IMG_5844
A special thanks to Juthika for having us over and letting us experience the amazing service and food of Atmosfire.

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