Sling It! {SUEDE by Devina Juneja}

After shoes if there is a materialistic object I am obsessed with, is bags – totes, satchels, clutches anything and everything. One is never enough – I want them all and in every shape and size possible. My dream closet would contain one section dedicated to just bags – all kinds. So when I got this clutch bag from Devina Juneja’s collection Suede – I was very excited to share my fetish for bags with everyone via this post.

SUEDE by Devina Juneja: It is a brand forged with the mission to combine luxurious handcrafted leather with trendsetting design, appealing to fashionistas all over the world. Her signature style being off beat and trendy, she designs for the modern confident woman who is brand aware but not brand wary, is true to the classics but bold and innovative in her style. The shaded knot box clutch that I am carrying around in the pictures, is hand shaped and individual stripes of leather are hand knotted and then sewn onto the clutch.

The unique design behind the clutch called for a unique outfit. It was one of those times when you build a look around an accessory. But the clutch was worth the attention. I paired it with my custom made brocade skirt and white shirt. I slung the clutch on my shoulder and decided to strut with elan! Ofcourse, I decided to pause and pose before I did all that strutting 😉

Suede Clutch with Brocade Skirt and White Shirt -1

Suede Clutch Brocade Skirt with White Shirt - 4

brocade skirt with white shirt

brocade Skirt with White sHIRT -5

Suede Clutch -3

I am wearing:
Custom made Brocade Skirt
White Shirt: M&S
Black Shoes: Dorothy Perkins (Jabong)
Clutch: c/o SUEDE by Devina Juneja

(This post is in collaboration with SUEDE by Devina Juneja)

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