Tricolor Dressing Guide

India is celebrating 69 years of independence on 15th August 2015. And if you want to go all out but still stand out below is a simple tip that you can use to create your very own tri-color look with a twist. I am someone who does not believe that wearing ethnic clothes show your patriotism – infact if you are able to incorporate the tricolor in your regular western clothes in forms of dresses and accessories – you can kill it and also stand out in a crowd. And if you like these looks enough, below is the key that has the link to where you can find each item.

Tricolor Dressing Guide


White Dress: StalkBuyLove Buy Here (pic courtesy
Orange Aviators: Michael Kors Buy Here (pic courtesy
Green Scarf: Uniscarf Buy Here (pic courtesy
Orange Sling: Adaira Buy Here (pic courtesy
Green Square Sunnies: Gucci Buy Here (pic courtesy
Footwear: Lacey’s Buy Here (pic courtesy

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