Mr. & Mrs. Snob {ft. Indian BOW TIE Company}

They say that when you love someone for long enough you slowly start turning into that person. I have been in love with this man for the last 5 years and married to him for the last 4 (and a half). And while I do not see myself changing physically, I see that there are little traits that I have seemed to imbibed from him. Like his patience and his calm demeanor. Anybody who has known me for long enough knows that I am like a pile of TNT waiting for a spark. 10 years ago if you as much as made a mean comment towards me – kaboom! Today I am trying to be a little more open to criticism and feedback. Trying to not be so hard on my friends. Trying to be a better person. And all this is because of this man I am with for the last 5 years. He is making me want to be better – which is so cheesy, cause I never thought I needed to change. I thought I was perfect. Lets us just say, I am trying to be a Perfect 2.0.

Ofcourse, there are things that husband has also learned from me. Occasional shopping binges are now OK. He will still not shop every month – I think it is just not in his genes. But I am able to get him off his lazy back and shop like a maniac atleast 2 times a year – the SALE season. Yes we go berserk during this time. And he has stopped feeling guilty after these binges too.

So you see – weirdly we have influenced each other and we have changed in our ways. And when we were conceptualizing this post, there is no other theme I could think of that would explain this better. This blog post is super special – AB for the first time agreed to be infront of the camera instead of being behind it. Also, because this post features the work of a talented school buddy Ankit Saboo and his venture – Indian BOW TIE Company. The bowties AB and I are wearing are his artistic work. You will be seeing a lot more of these bowties in the coming posts. And I love any chance to go androgynous in photoshoots – I think it is the inherent tomboy/TNT nature that only fits in this type of attire.

Bowties and Bags_3

Bowties and Bags_1

Bowties and Bags_2

On AB:
Blazer: Van Heusen
Denim Jeans: Being Human
White Shirt: Louis Philippe
Boat Shoes: Roush
Bowtie: c/o Indian BOW TIE Company

On Me:
Black Shirt: M&S
Black Jeans: Levis
Black Shoes: Zara
Red Tote: Zara (Borrowed from Mom)
Bowtie: c/o Indian BOW TIE Company

In this series that I have decided to call Of Hats, Bags and Bowties, you will see stories and inspirations on how to accessorize yourself with not just jewelry.  You will see outfit inspirations for rocking hats and bowties and the quintessential bags. Hopefully, we will be able to create a contemporary accessory revolution with this. We have collaborated with Indian BOW TIE Company  for a few posts in this series. So stay tuned for more! And if you have liked AB’s brief stint in this post – please comment and urge him to make more appearances!

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