Red Riding Bowtie

If the blog post name is not clear enough – it is inspired by the famous fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. The protagonist of the fairy tale wore a red cape and got christened Red Riding Hood. When I put this look together – I could picture a modern day Red Riding Hood wearing a red scarf or a bowtie and carrying a big red tote, because wearing a red cape would be just too old-school.

I had recently traveled to Ooty where I shot for this Bag and Bowtie accessorized look. For those who do not know, Ooty is a hill station around 280km from Bangalore. And the temperatures were moderately low in Ooty. So on the advice of my friend, I had carried some sweaters and jackets and this particular look was a happy coincidence that just fell through.

Red Riding Bowtie_5

Red Riding Bowtie_4

Red Riding Bowtie_3

Red Riding Bowtie_2

Red Riding Bowtie_1

I am wearing:
Black Jeans – Levis
Black Shoes – Zara
White Shirt & Blue Sweater – M&S
Red Tote – Zara (borrowed from Mom)
Red Bowtie – c/o Indian BOW TIE Company

For those who are wondering if bowties are really a girly thing, let me tell you that if you are looking to customize your look and experiment beyond just jewelry, then bowties are definitely something you should try. A collared shirt and a bowtie and a matching tote will make you stand out and with style.

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