Tips of the Fedora

You do not see a lot of people on the street wearing hats. Maybe a few on the beach. But if you are walking down the street, a woman wearing a fedora is a rare sight. It is a shame though – a right head accessory can add the spunk to your outfit that no jewellery can.

There are ofcourse some serious dos and donts when it comes to wearing hats:

  • Do wear hats with brims but make sure that it is scaled to fit your face and body. The brim should accentuate your face not hide it.
  • Don’t go matchy matchy – If you are wearing a leather jacket stay away from a leather berret. A chunky knit cap maybe.
  • Do wear print hats – with solid coloured clothing.
  • Don’t wear a baseball cap if you want to dress up your look. It dresses down whatever you wear!
  • Do wear red lipstick with your fedora. Don’t shy away from makeup if you are wearing a fedora – it adds a masculine feminine feel to the outfit and you look classy.
  • Don’t try exaggerated shapes. Remember Rachel’s hat from Friends that Chandler and Joey take shelter under when it rains heavily! Yes, it does look weird on mere mortals like us. A Carrie Bradshaw might pull it off – NOT US!


Ooty Tea Garden_3

Ooty Toy Train_1


I am wearing:
Shirt, Jacket & Fedora: Zara
Jeans: Levis
Shoes: Vans

This is my version of sporting a hat (especially a fedora) look. Any comments?

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