Monochrome Finale – Of Hats, Bags & Bowties

October is here! Yes, I am one of those childish people who still get excited about their birthdays and celebrate all sorts of randomness. No, I do not think of birthdays as 1 year closer to old age. I see myself as an optimist. I like celebrating small achievements and I also like living the moment. My friends back in college and my first job would call me God of Small Happiness. I had done a back-flip when I had got my business cards from my first job. You get the drift right? So, like I was saying – Birthdays make me super excited and mine in just round the corner.

But before I get into that, I had a long overdue post that had to see the light of the day way before we hit October, but it did not. This was the last of the themed September post. My final look for Of Hats, Bags and Bowties. The reason why this series was special was because the only accessories I used in the post were bowties and hats – not something that is very common with woman. This particular look is a monochrome look. Two of my favourite colours – Black and White. This can also be conceived as a quintessential formal look – just leave the fedora out of the picture.

Monochrome Finale - Of Hats Bags & Bowties

Fedora and Bowtie _5

Fedora and Bowtie _1

I am wearing:
White Shirt – M&S
Black Jeans – Levis
Black Shoes & Fedora – Zara
Vest – Gifted by Sister
Bowtie – c/o The Indian BOWTie Company

I will start shooting for the next in series, in the coming weekend and you will get a preview of the next theme in the coming days on my Instagram account. So if you are not following me there – FOLLOW NOW (please)!


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