Being Woman!

[Here is a little poem I wrote on the occasion of International Women’s Day in March 2016. In case you already do not know – I have moved to Delhi right now… Will update you with some new posts very soon! Till then please enjoy this!]
It is not easy
To be a woman of today
Not every girl is a great homemaker
Neither is she a great entrepreneur
But every girl is burdened with multiple expectations
She is supposed to be great to look at
But not attract too much male attention lest her husband gets jealous
She is supposed to be intelligent at work
And yet play dumb enough to boost her husband’s ego
She is supposed to be a great cook who can make 3 meals a day
And yet she does not get a leeway at work for being late
She is supposed to handle inlaws expectations of the perfect daughter-in-law
And yet be the ultra modern bride/companion that the husband looks for
She is supposed to be part of the new family she is wedded to and perform all her duties
And yet be there for her parents and take care of them too
She is supposed to be a great mother who teaches values to her children
But she is supposed to join work 12 weeks post maternity else sacrifice her career too!
I am not all of this
I am not a perfect cook, the perfect employee, the perfect mom, the perfect bride
I am not a multitasker
I am no avtaar of Durga with 10 hands that can do all of this simultaneously
I am no avtaar of Vishnu either that I can be in all places at once
God gave me just 2 hands like he did to all men
God gave me just 24 hours like he did for all men
I cannot even do one of these tasks with utmost care
For the fear of failing the rest is always playing at the back of my head
Today, I request men and women alike
To not expect the women in your life to be multitaskers
To not burden them with your expectations of perfection
Let them live, let them bloom, let them be whatever they want to be
Do not ask them to be Durga
It is very difficult!
Just let them be themselves for today and forever!

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