My Travel Diaries: Boston, MA Part 2

Whenever I watch the movie He’s just not that into you.. I cannot help thinking about my long conversations with one of my best friends around relationships and boys in general. I remember quoting this movie every time we spoke about heartbreaks. And today I was watching it on my laptop – I started thinking of her and ended up calling her at her midnight. Poor girl got scared and thought that I was in trouble and hence I had called her in this untimely manner. I am sorry M!

So it has been over a week since I arrived in Boston. And I am still getting a hang of the time difference. It is the hardest because I am so used to picking up my phone and calling up people randomly without thinking about timezones at all – all of the people who I love are in India. And I just shared the He’s just not that into you anecdote because that was one of the first few challenges I was having as I roamed around alone. Could not really pick up my phone and call my family or friends cause most of them were fast asleep. And thus started my journey into self discovery.

The Harbor

Songs playing on my phone, I plugged in my earphones, switched on the map and navigated my way to different must see destinations every other day. The obvious first destination was the harbor. I love the sound of the waves – and the strong gushes of wind on my face, hence I had to visit the harbor to see the blue stretch of water before I head out exploring the city. Downtown Crossing, Newbury Street and 100 Cambridgeside Place were my favorite shopping destinations. I also went on a full day tour around Boston over the weekend. I know the duck tours and the hop on hop off trolley tours are great too, but I was consumed with shopping – all my favourite brands in one place. 

But when I was not shopping, or sitting by the harbor, I was taking a walk in Boston Commons – one of the parks in Downtown Boston. One day while I strolled aimlessly, I saw some people staging a Shakespeare play in the park and I sat and watched it. The other day, I saw a wedding ceremony – the bride dressed in white and the her bridesmaids in coral gowns. It was so different – I did not click pictures of the wedding though. I thought it was a private affair and I should not intrude.

That is the beauty of aimlessly wandering by yourself. When you do not have an agenda and you are not engrossed in your phone (limited data pack on the international roaming number), you notice the little things that you otherwise miss. And it is experiences like this that makes discovering a new place memorable – experiences that stay with you forever. And so I had finally begun to explore the city through the lens of the newly found me – the me who was ready to walk out alone and stroll in the park, sit down in a restaurant for a meal, and a me who took a 7 hour city tour alone in a coach filled with couples and families.  I had opened up to the possibility of being myself by myself.

USS Constituition

Boston, MA

Minute Man Historical Park

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