An engineer by qualification – Ankita literally stumbled upon the digital world when she joined a new firm after her initial software engineer stint. When she is not crunching the numbers to figure out the ROI of a channel, Ankita is moonlighting as a fashionista at The Bangalore Snob. She hails from the national capital of India and is a huge Harry Potter fanatic

Sangeet Trousseau

Sangeet traditionally was a Ladies only function and was hence called Ladies Sangeet where all the women folk of the family gathered one night/day. They would sing dance and make merry. This lately has evolved into a fun night where gender has ceased to remain a barrier and the entire family, in some cases both […]


Spruce Up Your Space

Yayy!! Another guest post. Our next blogger, Anya from Clothes and Creativity,  is a lawyer by profession and a fashionista by birth. She has a great sense of style and via her blog takes you through her choicest collection of chic and wearable fashion clothing. So hop on to her blog to say hello.  She is also […]


The ZARA Haul

SALE Season – almost all great brands are on SALE. ZARA, Promod, MANGO, ALDO – you know, all of them ARE on SALE. So on Saturday AB and I decided to make it a date – watch Wolverine in the new PVR Cinemas at Phoenix Market City (Whitefield) and then do some shopping. And since […]



You carry them everywhere – but how much do you really know about them? How well do you know the bags you carry with yourself? Yes. Like shoes, there are different types of bags. And while I would love to cover everything, I realize that I am not a bag-genius. I must confess, when I went […]


Some time for ME

“When we get too caught up in the busy-ness of the world, we lose connection with one another – and ourselves.” – Jack Kornfield The lifestyle that an average Indian has, requires him/her working for 9 hours, travelling for 2-3 hours and then involving themselves in house hold chores for another 4-5 hours every day. […]