Media Kit


The Bangalore Snob is a PR Friendly blog and I would love to partner with brands I totally love and find useful and introduce them to my friends via the blog. The Bangalore Snob started off in 2012 as a chronicle of my experience – home decor, life in Bangalore and after getting some motivation from family and friends I ventured into documenting my personal style too.

The blog has a modest audience:

  • 200+ daily visits
  • 3000+ followers on WordPress
  • 2500+ likes on Facebook
  • 400+ followers on Instagram

You can collaborate with us in the following ways:

Product Reviews:

I do product reviews on a 1 or 2 pieces of a brand. The way this is done, is that post the receipt of the sample product, I use it and then talk about the pros and cons of the product. I also come out with a style for the same (incase this is a fashion accessory). If I do not like a product or am not able to identify with it – I will return the sample and not do a post on it.


This is done in collaboration with a Sponsored Post or Product Review. After the Product review, I will host a giveaway for the product amongst my readers. This will be periodically posted on the social media platforms and will be actively promoted.

Sponsored Post:

I would do a sponsored post about the Company/Brand. I would talk about the brand/Company/Product and provide links to the company and product site. Charge on Request.


  1. Gopika Nayak

    Hey. 🙂 I am working on a project with Mega Mart.
    I wanted to ask you a couple of questions on brand campaigning. How does that work for you?
    Please do reply when you find time so that I can have a word with you.
    Awaiting your reply. 🙂

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