DIY: Boyfriends Jeans

Boyfriends jeans have been moving around the fashion circuit for a long time. But buying one can be an expensive deal. I mean, do you really want to spend the money on something that is ripped oversized and you cannot wear it to office/college (well most of the colleges have strict dress code- atleast mine […]


The ZARA Haul

SALE Season – almost all great brands are on SALE. ZARA, Promod, MANGO, ALDO – you know, all of them ARE on SALE. So on Saturday AB and I decided to make it a date – watch Wolverine in the new PVR Cinemas at Phoenix Market City (Whitefield) and then do some shopping. And since […]


Sophie’s Choice

With this post I introduce a new section of my blog – Vanity Fair. This section covers all things Fashion! But before you go comparing me with other¬†stalwarts¬†in this domain – hear me out. Vanity Fair will cover Fashion thebangaloresnob style. And it will always have a hint of Bangalore’s vast culture mixed in it. […]